After: Hair has grown in


Dead, split ends, weak, frizzy, thin, hard to manage

Final Result:

3 Months

Before: Balding

Before & After


Complexion Plus® Facial and Body Scrub removes dead skin cells, scar tissue and particles that clog pores. It also stimulates circulation.

Complexion Plus® Facial and Body Scrub 
Lather In wet hands, apply to wet skin, scrub lightly for 30-45 seconds, rinse with warm water, and dry skin. For best results use DERMA-LIFE® Skin Care Formula after using the scrub.
Water, Processed Rice Shells, Vegetable Silica, Aloe Vera Gel, Coco Extract, Saponaria Extract (Soap Bark), Citric Acid.
If this product is used with excessive pressure, abrasion could occur. Avoid contact with eyes. Flush with water for 15 seconds if eyes come in contact. 


Smooth, shiny, revitalized, and thicker

Healing the dermis the old fashioned way — with natural ingredients.  

Derma-Life® Skin Care Formula is a very unique formulation of natural ingredients with a cold pressed Aloe Vera base that totally absorbs into the dermis carrying the vitamin rich ingredients deep into the skin. With its synergistic effects Derma-Life® Skin Care Formula will heal most topical skin ailments such as acne, rash, diaper rash, sunburn, thermal burns, road rash, bee stings, scrapes, bruises and much more. Over the years Derma-Life® has completed many (anecdotal) studies on most common skin problems. As a result we have found this formula is very successful in controlling and healing topical skin ailments. We know of no other product on the market that can compare with Derma-Life® Skin Care Formula.

Shampoo – Conditioner – Concentrate

For centuries native americans of the southwest have used the extract of yreba de la negrita (scarlet globemallow) to strenghten and thicken hair. The ancient power of this herb is now availiable in this modern formula.


After using Derma-Life® Skin Care Formula twice a day and Complexion Plus once a day for 48 weeks we see significant improvement of the acne condition, a substantial reduction of scar tissue with her complexion and skin tone dramatically improved. 
As a result of this case study we believe that Derma-Life® Skin Care Products are unsurpassed in quality and effectiveness.